Thirsty Frank Special Brews

New for Summer 2018…our super ‘I Love Clonakilty’ Festival Beer. Try it while you can!!




Our first Special Brew ‘Sour Smack’ is ready for you thirsty people!!! Thirsty Frank is very happy with this first for Clonakilty Brewing Company so get your hands on it while you can.

Frank Fredriksen (aka Thirsty Frank) is the head brewer at Clonakilty Brewing Company. He loves to make and drink great beer! The ability to make small batches of different kinds of beer is one of the huge benefits of a micro-brewery. Frank, a born and bred Norwegian, takes bits from the rich Norwegian beer culture as well as the strong artisan traditions  of West Cork to make a range of interesting and innovative limited edition beers-the Thirsty Frank Special Brews.