Festivals & Events

Festivals and Events are an important part of what Clonakilty Brewing Company does. They allow us to meet you craft beer lovers and hear what you think and want from our little brewery. We also enjoy arranging events so we can keep it interesting and sometimes show off a bit. Here’s a list of what we’ve done or been involved in so far.

March 2017

February 2017


We hosted this event in Fumbally Stables, Dublin to showcase the amazing possibilities for using our great beer with good quality local food. The incomparable award-winning chef, Caitlin Ruth, put an amazing menu  together for us and the whole event was something really extraordinary. Photos and more detail to come-watch this space.



February 2017

Our first national festival- a huge learning but overall brilliant experience. Our Smuggler Irish Porter won a Bronze Medal in the Dublin Craft Beer Cup here.



January 2017


Our first self-hosted event in the Clonakilty Brewhouse





September 2016

June 2016